About the Inventory

The University of Guelph Learning Skills Inventory is a brief questionnaire about academic approaches and behaviours that allows you to identify your personal learning strengths and target priorities for improvement.

You will receive a score in six categories: Time Management, Motivation, Resource-Seeking, Memory & Understanding, Exam Preparation, and Concentration & Anxiety.

Your score is presented alongside a benchmark for each category, which is the average score for a University of Guelph student. Categories where you fall below the benchmark score are your priorities for improvement.

Along with scores in each category, links are provided to free campus resources created for University of Guelph students to enhance study strategies and academic performance. 

After completing the Inventory, you have the option to email yourself a copy of your results. If you would like to discuss strategies to improve in your targeted areas, you can choose to share your results with a Learning Specialist in order book a follow-up appointment.

For further information regarding the Inventory, please contact us at learning@uoguelph.ca.